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The TOP DD Network study

The TOP DD Network study enables DD patients around the world to participate in a web-based educational program informed by the results of our previous studies.  This year-long program for DD patients and their therapists has been specifically developed to focus on the enhancement of DD patients’ safety, and provides education about DD and healthy coping skills, including skills for managing dissociation, unsafe urges, and overwhelming emotions. 

Enrollment in the study is now closed.  Thank you to all participants!  Study participants have been given access to the secure website that hosts the study’s educational program.  The program consists of a series of brief (5-15 minute) educational videos for patients and therapists, and weekly questions and written and practice exercises to be completed by patients.  (Note that we are not collecting patient’s written exercises, but do encourage patients to share these with their therapists.)   Most participants will chose to watch the videos on their own outside of therapy sessions, although if the therapist and patient prefer, they can watch them together during sessions.   Participants should not complete their questionnaires during therapy sessions, however.

The TOP DD team includes expert clinicians who have decades of experience in treating DD patients.  They have selected the topics and the written reflection assignments and practical exercises that they have found to be the most effective in their clinical work.  The video scripts have also been reviewed by a focus group of individuals diagnosed with DID who have worked closely with the TOP DD team and provided useful feedback that has improved the material presented in the study.

The goal of the TOP DD Network study is to determine whether a web-based intervention, in combination with individual psychotherapy, is more effective for DD patients than individual psychotherapy alone.  As a web-based intervention for DD patients, it has the potential to benefit DD patients around the world by providing a free intervention that may reduce their symptoms and improve their functioning.   More updates about the TOP DD Network study will be posted here as they develop.  Thank you for your interest!